WGS in the Media

WGS in the Media

5th International Yoga Day- 21st June 2019

The 5th International Yoga Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm at Wockhardt Global School. Warm- up exercises were taken and all the students performed sitting and standing asanas, importance of these were explained simultaneously. The session was conducted by students of Std. 8 and 9. Regular practice of yoga help our students achieve a better life, physically, mentally and spiritually as well.

Fire Drill – 28th June 2019

Students had a fire drill wherein they had to assemble at the designated assembly point as quickly as possible without any prior information. They then reflected on the procedures and rules to follow in case of a fire. Mr. Pattekar (NISA Training officer) conducted a session on using the fire extinguisher and the safety norms to keep in mind, while there is a fire.

Tree plantation Activity at Shendra

Inauguration of tree plantation programme was held at Shendra by ECO BATALLION GROUP on 05.07.2019. The first investiture ceremony of WGS was marked by an environmental conscious student council, who participated wholeheartedly in the tree planting ceremony. A variety of tree saplings were planted and its importance to the environment was explained to the students.

MUN (Model United Nations)

WGS Delegates at MUN conference. In the very first attempt to be part of the larger global community, students of Gr 6-8 participated in the Mun4 India conference at Stepping Stones School on 2nd, 3rd and 4th of August 2019. The 13 delegates from WGS were part of the following committees
UNDP Topic: Clean water and sanitation UNWTO Topic: Life below water UNICEF Topic: Peace, justice and strong institutions.
MUN conference brought 294 delegates together from different schools.
Day 1 was a pre training session for the conference where delegates were explained with the rules of conference, what and how the topics should be presented. Delegates had a questionnaire session with the chair of UNWTO committee Ms. Devika.
Day 2 was the first day of the conference. It was now of utmost importance for a team to embark on a comprehensive research on foreign policies of assigned nation. The Gathering was addressed by the principal of Stepping Stones High School Mr. Angelo M. D’Cruize and the Head of MFI Ms. Shreya Bajaj. The intense research and formulation of the policies proved to be an eye opener to some very intricate aspect of the world issues that concern us
Day 3 was the last day of the MUN conference where the delegates spent most of the time solving the crisis situations. Formulation of draft resolution were undertaken. The debates were marked with vigorous arguments by opposition and resolute defences by the sponsors .With immense support of the school principal and faculty advisor’s delegates of Wockhardt Global school were able to put up an outstanding performance in all the committees. Lastly was the Award Ceremony, Zaina Kudchiwala received Award for diplomacy with great honour. UNWTO were verbally appreciated

Math Fest

Wockhardt Global School celebrated the Mathematics Fest 2019, on 19 th July, with great enthusiasm and fervor. It was inaugurated by Mr. Pradeep Sharma, after decoding the coded message given by the binary numbers, Miss. Zero and Miss. One. There were a lot of mathematic games, puzzles and experiments. The Mathematics Fest had a unique matchstick puzzle, which challenged not only the children but also the teachers. “Guess The Day” was another such fun activity, wherein the children could easily guess the day of any given date. Estimation Experiment challenged the guests as well as students. The 3D shapes and Tanagram fascinated everyone who visited the stall. There was also an amazing presentation by the Family of Angles. It ended with a feedback corner where everyone wrote their experience.

Out in the Garden-Field Trip to Plant Nursery

To give a hands on experience related to the theme plants “Wockhardt Global School” students were taken to a plant Nursery ‘PALLAWANKUR FARMS” on 23.07.2019/Tuesday. The objective of the activity was to reinforce the topic plants and to inculcate the love for the environment and to relish the beauty of nature. The students were briefed that the nursery has a collection of wide range of plants labelled with their botanical names.
Students observed and explored variety of shrubs, cactus, creepers, herbs, palm, fruits and colourful flowers. They were curious to know about the surrounding and were excited to see the pots of varying shapes and sizes.
It was told to them that fertilizers and manures are required for plant growth. This field trip sensitized the students towards caring for the environment and the importance of planting more trees.
The activity was concluded with a reflection worksheet.

World Tiger Day

In an innovative way the importance of the magnificent creature, the Tiger, was presented at the whole school assembly to raise awareness for saving the tiger. It started with a list of statistics to explain the various aspects of a tiger which otherwise was unknown to all. This was followed by a q&a session which explained the importance of the tiger in the ecosystem. A poem written by a young boy of 17years was recited to drive home the point.


Workshop on POCSO Act at Wockhardt School Wockhardt Global School, in compliance with Government directives, conducted a workshop under the following headings: Good Touch, Bad touch, Teenagers and POCSO Act 2012. The workshop leaders were Dr Monali Deshpande, Mindseye, Ms Madhura Anvikar IKON, and Ms Resham, SHY foundation. Three separate sessions were held to cater to the age appropriateness of the sessions. The students understood the power of ‘NO’. Some tips on what can be done when such incidents occur and also how to defend oneself at such times. The objective of this workshop was to enable the students to identify their own capacities and strengths and how they could contribute towards their family as well as the community and to review self development and community development activities undertaken by the adolescents and discuss the future plan. Dr Deshpande addressed the entire Staff of WGS and updated them about the POCSO Act. She drew attention to the support system available to all teachers to take action. She emphasized that the police, judiciary and the support groups and NGOs have simple procedures in place to help victims of sexual abuse.

World Youth Day- 5th Aug 2019

World youth day was celebrated in the form of an assembly by students of Std 7. The assembly was presented in the format of a chat between classmates giving information about Youth who changed the world and became iconic inspiration for generations to com. Malala Yousefzai, Anne Frank and others were represented well. The message for the school was that the International Youth Day theme for 2019 is EDUCATION FOR TRANSFORMATION.

World Humanitarian Day

Class 6 students of WGS presented a wonderful assembly on 19th Aug 2019 to celebrate world humanitarian day. It was dedicated to Humanitarian work done by different organizations across the world and making a difference to less privileged people around the world. Students stated that we salute the efforts of world humanitarian workers across the world..

Science Experimental investigation (Vegetative propagation)

CBSE Class 7 students planted the buds in potato, ginger stems and onion bulbs. Through this they learned that new plants can be produced from vegetative parts of the mother plant such as roots, stem or leaves without the help of any reproductive organ. Students learned the concept of vegetative reproduction through this activity.

Inspirational Talk by teachers

Teachers of WGS have organized an inspirational talk session during morning assembly in the month of June. Honesty and hard work based on a boys relationship with his father, Inspiration based on Vivekanand, effort pays, Four minute mile and value based anecdotes were the topics. These stories were delivered by teachers to inspire and encourage students to push themselves out of their comfort zone and teach them the importance of self belief and positive attitude.