WGS news 2019


As a part of our ongoing unit – Community Helpers, students of KG-1 visited Big Bazaar outlet placed at the Prozone mall on 4th of February 2019 at 11am. The purpose of the visit was to help the students understand attendants and the role they play in the outlet (Their community).
Students interacted with helpers around the Super market. They experienced the billing aspects for the goods that they purchased and they noticed various roles of the attendants in the Super Market and appreciated them for their help.

Wockhardt Global School students visit to Annamrita - CBSE

As a part of the curriculum, to study about mid-day meal scheme organized by the Govt. of India to support the under privileged children of the society, the students of grades 6, 7 and 8 visited “Annamrita Foundation”, MIDC, Chikalthana that implements the Mid-day meal program.
Mr. Sudarshan Potbhare explained about the process from procuring the grains, fruits and vegetables, oil, and spices to storing and using the same for cooking. The hygiene maintained by the organization was exemplary. He introduced to the students about industrial terminology like FIFO (first in first out) and FEFO (first expiry first out), which marks the quality management strategies of using materials in an effective and hygienic manner. The students and staff were given an opportunity to meet the chefs and watch the process of preparation of food, its safety from adulteration and contamination, packaging system and the process of delivery. The menu for the week includes a variety of preparations ranging from Dal Kichidi, Pulao to Sweet dry fruit rice etc meeting children’s nutritional requirements.
As per the statistics, the organization delivers food to 45,000 children every day. The average cost per meal per child is Rs. 8 of which Rs. 5 per child is sanctioned from the Govt. of India and Rs. 3 from CSR and ISR support. The largest contributor as CSR with Annamrita is Piramal Healthcare Ltd.
The objective of the Mid-day meal program from health point of view to provide nutrition to the students and make the society healthy and from education point of view to educate every child is being achieved through this program.
The visit concluded with a Q & A session and tasting the preparation of the day, Dal Kichidi.
Students enjoyed the visit that taught them to value each “MEAL” they get and be thankful to every person’s contribution in getting their “MEAL”.