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English as an Additional Language (EAL)

EAL (English as Additional Language). EAL refers to teaching of English to school children (whose first language is not English). The program offered to the children in the Mixed Kindergarten is to build around Oral language acquisition means children experience the language through books, games, flashcards etc. EAL teacher helps students become more fluent in English by breaking down concepts and language rules.  EAL teacher is there to help students to develop their speaking, writing, reading and listening skills. EAL program provides one-to-one interaction to help students develop their accent thereby perfecting pronunciation.

EAL department provides support to those students considered to need help in accessing the curriculum and working to their potential. EAL teacher is available and works in collaboration with mainstream teacher to assist an individual student or group. Teacher helps to communicate clearly and consistently. The teacher assesses regularly to inform students’ learning.

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