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At WGS, we encourage a love for reading, both for the sheer joy of it and because it is the most useful technological tool in the student’s range of skills. Our Libraries not only have a vast range of tangible books but go beyond; offering digital media content, online databases, films and e-books. Each Library also houses quiet story-telling corners. Our state-of-the-art Library Management Software provides student access to the library resources online.

The library facility is at the heart of our school community. It enables, encourages and empowers teaching and learning for all members of the school community. The role of the library is to provide a dynamic and flexible space that is innovatively designed with best practices and research in mind where students can explore and use various resources in different formats. They are encouraged to grow and become passionate learners and individuals where the world of knowledge opens up to them. The available resources offer an amazing variety of learning experiences for all ages as it comes from a variety of sources, within India and abroad.

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