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The role of the teachers in an IB school is that of a facilitator, a person who will guide the students in the right directions. Most of the teaching faculty at Pathways have Masters and Ph.D. Degree in their specific area of specialization. We hire teachers based on their previous years of experience both in India and abroad. We have expat teachers teaching various subjects in the Middle and Diploma Year Programme. New teachers are given mentors to train them into the IB methodology of teaching.

We invest heavily in continuous training of our teachers through workshops, IB seminars, both in India and abroad. Our teachers have attended several developmental programs in the last year, some of which are:

S.No. Name of the workshop
1 PYP Leading the learning in PYP school Cat- 1
2 Sciences _ Delivering MYP Curriculum Cat- 2
3 Performing arts MYP
4 DP Administrators Cat- 1
5 Design Implementing MYP Curriculum Cat- 1
6 Language acquisition : Implementing MYP Curriculum Cat- 1
7 Making the PYP Happen : Implementing agency
8 Individual and society : implementing MYP Curriculum
9 Myp Head of school implementing MYP Curriculum
10 In School PYP Workshop
11 Language & Literature
12 DP Online workshop Biology
13 DP Online workshop Chemistry
14 IBED The role of the Librarian
15 DP Hindi Cat-2
16 MYP Digital Design 
17 MYP Mathematics
18 MYP English
19 DP Subject Specific seminar: Theory of knowledge CAT 3
20 DP Extended essay in focus: A one-day intensive CAT 3 
21 Individual and society : implementing MYP Curriculum  
22 DP Hindi CAT 2
24 DP Mathematics
25 DP Co-ordination Workshop
26 DP Administrators CAT 1
27 Business Management CAT 1
28 Language B generic CAT 1
29 Language & Literature
30 Head of the School/IB Coordinators : Implementing the MYP Curriculum





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