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WGS operates well maintained and high quality buses on predetermined routes all over Aurangabad and Jalna to pick up and drop the students on time. As students’ safety is our primary concern, various measures have been taken to ensure the same, and all our buses come equipped with speed governors and GPS.

The buses are driven by experienced and qualified drivers who are trained to place student safety as a priority. A lady attendant is on the bus from the first to the last stop whose job is to oversee discipline and to monitor safety and security of the students on the bus. All students are expected to remain seated at all times during the travel.

Being GPS enabled, the school can locate the position of a bus at any time during the commute and in case of a breakdown, can send a replacement bus instantly. The parents can also track the bus during its commute. Parents are requested to kindly wait at the pick-up/drop off points at least 5 minutes in advance.

For any feedback on the transport facility, please write to feedback@wockhardt.school or get in touch with the transport committee.

Transport Committee Members

  • Mr. Jayant Pade
  • Mr. Santosh
  • Mr. Sandipan Mote

Track Your Bus: http://tracerlive.com/

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